Wrap Product Overview

Wrap Product Overview

Turn your Website into a datafree App

How do you increase mobile traffic on your website?

Is the cost of mobile data deterring user visits?
Over 80% of smartphone users in South African Townships are without data at some point every month.
Datafree WRAP allows your audience to browse your website incurring no data charges themselves. With our reverse billing technology, you pay for the data. It is simple to implement, there are tools to optimise and manage the data. It's affordable and delivers great ROI.
datafree WRAP removes the data cost barrier to users using your website and encouraging the adoption of your services.

Datafree works for you if:

You want to reach your Staff - Reverse billing the data is ‘expensing' the data cost, yet is simple to setup and manage. 
You want to reach everyone - Even users without any data credit on their phone will be able to visit your websites.
You want to provide Zero Cost Trials - Don’t expect people to pay to trial your product. Give them a way to experience your offer for free – without worrying about the data cost.
You want to maximise Engagement – Let users browse your content freely without threatening their access to WhatsApp, Facebook, Music etc.
You promote via Social Media - Users who only have ‘Social Packages’ (e.g. data for WhatsApp and Facebook) can’t follow links to your website because that falls outside their plan.
You want to stand out from the crowd - Mobile users are very 'data aware’. Removing the cost of data will get their attention. Become the website that is always freely available.

How Datafree works

Datafree has reverse billing agreements with all the 4 major South African mobile network operators (Vodacom, Cell C, Telkom and MTN)
All mobile traffic passing through our datafree Gateway servers is reverse billed to us. A user is charged nothing: they don’t even need credit on their phone!
We forward the traffic to your web server where you process every request. Your website runs live and unchanged.
We aggregate the network cost from the 4 networks into one bill which we send to you.
You pay for the traffic - the user pays nothing

How Datafree Wrap Works

Your website may include content from many webservers and may use services from many third parties (eg Google Analytics). To make it run datafree all that Network traffic must pass through the datafree Gateway. 
We build a special Android App for you that has been specifically built to direct all web traffic for your website through the datafree Gateway.
The App starts every time on your website and carefully controls what content the user can reach datafree. Links from your site to third party websites use the user’s own data, so you don’t pay.
The App provides security and control on the use of your reverse billed data. Extensive reporting shows how your App is used.
As an App on the user’s home page they don’t need to use search engines or remember long URLs to reach your site (particularly important when search engine’s aren’t working because the user has no data credit.
The App checks the network connection and confirms when the App is working datafree.
The solution works invisibly, your user does nothing, they just open your App and it runs datafree.

To get started

  1. Register for an account on the Datafree Portal
  2. Create a WRAP App in the Portal and register your website’s URL to be ‘wrapped’
  3. Within the portal, generate a bespoke .APK (an Android App) - no coding skills required. 
  4. Certify your .APK and upload it to Google PlayStore.
  5. Get your users to download from the PlayStore or they can download it datafree on our hosting.
  6. Set up security rules, data limits etc. to manage and control your spend.
  7. Track usage and other metrics through our Datafree Portal