Optimizer 2.7.3

Optimizer 2.7.3

24 June 2020

What’s New

  1. We’ve re-coded timeouts to ensure that websockets gracefully get upgraded from the default timeout to 30 seconds. This will result in more reliable handoffs for websocket requests.
  2. Delivery record metadata is now more consistent across products.
  3. Functionality has been added to support HTTPS proxied requests between MAX / WRAP / SWITCH SDK apps and the optimizer. New client SDK code will take advantage of this new functionality.
  4. Response messaging is now more explicit when access is refused by the whitelist.
  5. Code enhancements have been completed in preparation for more efficient log processing.
  6. To improve our troubleshooting ability on REACH, we have increased the amount of metadata logged when 403 is returned by the optimizer.

Bug Fixes

  1. We fixed misleading log messaging claiming that a whitelist was missing when it wasn’t.
  2. We squashed a bug where data used by ads served in a MAX or WRAP app wasn’t being logged against the app.
  3. In cases where we are using X-Forwarded-For (XFF) header, we are now checking that it is a valid IP. If it’s not, we use the peer’s IP.
  4. Our shortcode service was appending a forward slash, which would return 500 in some instances. It’s now fixed.